Sweet Corn Pork Rice

Sweet corn pork rice is a common dish in Hong Kong. The first time I tried this dish was at one of those small alley in Peng Chou Island, HongKong, I must said I really enjoyed it. My children loves corn so this is a perfect dish after a busy day chauffeuring my boys around for extra curriculum activities. By the time I came home, I needed a quick fix to satisfy the tummies of two hungry boys. 
Cream corn is not available in regular Dutch supermarket so I used normal crispy corn instead, just thicken it with corn starch. Verdict, just as yummy. 


Anonymous said…
Yummy! My kids (ages 3,6&8) and I devoured it. Will definatly make again soon as it’s a cheap and easy and quick recipe to whip us with cupboard staples.