Loh Mai Fan (Sticky Rice in Cantonese Style)

Lap cheong (chinese sausage), Tong Gu (chinese dried mushrooms) and Har Mai (dried shrimps) are all dried chinese ingredients. There are a handful recipes that requires the combination of these ingredients. It's typical Cantonese and Loh Mai Fun is one classic dim sum dish. I was amazed that I could get all these ingredients in the 'Toko' (Asian  supermarket) and inspired me to whip up this dish.

P/S: If you wonder why there ain't any photos on the completed dish, that is because it was so good that I forgot to make a picture. ;-) !!

Loh mai Fun (Sticky rice in Cantonese style)
Ingredients:          Serves 4 persons

500g glutinous rice

5-6 pieces of shallots, finely chopped

1 chinese sausage (Lap cheong) , diced

100g peanuts –soak in water overnight

100g dried shrimps –soak in water then finely chop, save the water

50g dried Chinese mushroom –soak in water then cut into slices , save the water

200g pork or chicken - cut into fine strips
2 tablespoon Shao Hsing Chinese cooking wine

Oil for frying

2-3 tablespoon Dark soya sauce

2 tablespoon sesame oil

2 -3 teaspoon salt

2-3 teaspoon pepper

Wash and drain the rice well. Let it soak in the water that was saved from the dried shrimps and mushrooms for about 30mins. You can start with the stir frying while soaking the rice.

Heat oil in wok and sauté the chopped shallots till golden brown. There must be sufficient oil for frying the shallots.

Add dried shrimps, pork or chicken and chinese cooking wine and fry for about 2mins, then follow by Chinese sausage, mushrooms and peanuts.

Add in the rice and seasoning. Do not add too much water at one time, let the rice absorb in the flavor water gradually.

Scoop on a metal plate or bowl and steam for about 1 hr or till the rice is translucent and no longer appears white.

Tips: I prefer steaming the rice at the last stage, because the rice can be cooked evenly.
Alternatively, you can cover the wok with lid and stir in a little water at a time until the rice is cooked.